Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yay! I have started weaving! My warp is all took me a few hours today but it worked! This is woven warp shibori, in soy silk. You can't see the monofilament supplementary warp in this picture because it gets woven right into the fabric so that later I can pull on it. The monofilament is also clear so it makes it extra difficult to see.

But anyway, I was so happy today to finally start weaving! One step closer to my project being finished. Yay!


Friday, October 30, 2009

TGIF and Happy Halloween

Ola dear readers, so it's Friday again, my day off school although I always go in to work on stuff. My latest is a larger version of my last post of the woven warp shibori with soy silk...pictured above is me warping up my loom, right before the clear monofiliment warp got completely tangled. I've worked with a monofiliment warp that's about 5 feet but not a 14 feet. Argh. So today, my goal is to fix it...not untangle it because that's impossible but to re-warp it using a different idea...fingers crossed that it works!

Annnnd Happy Halloween! This year my roomie and I are geeking out and renting True Blood...we have a little marathon planned.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Silk worms and other things

Happy weekend dear readers! I hope you have some lovely things planned. I have been working away at school, as per usual. Like last year, our class has been raising silk worms and they started to cocoon yesterday! So very exciting that our little guys are growing up...haha I know that sounds ridiculous but these little guys have so much personality and they are so special. We don't harm them or anything (like boil them while their inside their cocoons), we just let nature take its course and let them come out as moths. Silk worm moths don't fly btw, they just hang out and make love and then die a few days after. AND they leave us this wonderful gift called silk! Amazing!

I also have been working with soy silk...testing out somethings for an upcoming project. I'm also testing dyes on it as a research project. Very exciting (to me anyway ;) The pic below is of my sample of woven warp shibori, before the boiling so it's all scrunched up. It kinds of looks like the silk worms ;)

And finally, I made a most delicious rice and lentil dish. Yum yum...I made lots so it got me through a few very busy days...things have been so busy that I often have a hard time feeding myself. Anyway.

Smooches to you dears,

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend dear readers, I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend planned. It's raining here in Vancouver, the leaves have already changed colour and it's so lovely to walk around in it. Like many of you, fall is my favourite time of year. The air smells great, the colours blow my mind and nothing like wearing a hand knitted or woven scarf around your neck to keep you warm.

Speaking of handmade, I attended a lecture about natural threads this past week. The talk was a part of the Maiwa Textile Symposium running all month. Charlotte Kwon was the guest speaker and she really gave the audience some stuff to think about. The idea of slow clothes...buying less but better quality and of course knowing where it came from, who made it, etc... She also discussed organic cotton versus conventional cotton and that was really eye opening for me. I do purchase mostly organic cotton to use for weaving and such but it's making me want to also incorporate more of it in my everyday life. Saving up to purchase something I need, like a t-shirt instead of just running out and buy 3 because they are cheap. And of course because they are made cheaply (and who knows under what conditions), they don't last very long, often after the first wash, I can already see them change.

It would be really difficult to live 100% "slow" items...but it's def worth a try. I already try to buy things I need from a thrift store, and not buy new but I think I can take this a step further and try to think about the materials I'm using in my work. Anyway lots to think about.

Lastly, I really want to urge people not to buy lots this holiday season. To really think about what you're doing, the money you're spending and maybe think about making some gifts, or not having them at all. Cause as cliche as it is, what's the holiday season really all about? REALLY?

Off to school,
The above picture is from the Maiwa website.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The following is a bit have been warned!

It's my work space at home! BOO! Oh man, with school in full force, little time for clean up. Luckily my roomie is a fellow textile artist/student and is very forgiving.

I'm working away on lots of samples, samples for precision dyeing class, samples for weaving class and samples for surface design...samples everywhere! I can't wait to shift my focus on to projects...that should happen next week.

TGIF lovely readers. I'm cooking up a slow slow curry as I type this...slow on purpose.