Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Other work...

So, in between weaving madness I have been playing around with nuno felting and exploring what I can do with that. I felted up a storm, was magical and wonderful and I do believe I am seriously addicted so don't be surprised to see more of this pop up in my future work.

So about my project...I guess I felt the same way about felt as I did about woven clothing. The fact that it's often stiff and not to mention itchy. Sometimes it also looks dated...ok don't hate me, I'm generalizing here and YES I totally understand that there is a market for almost everything but I'm talking about my own personal preference here. I like things to feel nice against my skin. To look elegant but modern, and to be soft and luxurious. I wanted to start small with my felting project so I decided to felt up some sleeves (arm warmers). The goal with these was to make them not only functional (warm) but also look modern.

The above picture is what I came up with.

I used hand dyed merino wool, tussah silk and silk chiffon (nuno felting) and I also printed on them. The pattern you see on the grey is a silk screen using dyes, of a crochet my mom did years and years ago. I really love the way the silk screening of crochet adds another layer of texture.

These will be for sale at the student sale (different versions), leftover will make an appearance either in my etsy shop or at Portobello West at the end of the month.


Decent Pictures of the Capelette

I promise, last post about this but I wanted to share some decent pics I took today.

Tomorrow is our student sale and I have to say there is some really great stuff for sale. Check out our student sale blog for some of the work that's going to be there.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finished Soy Silk Caplette

(pro pic to come, promise).

This is really all about texture. I must admit I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this project. I had a sketch of a capelette that I wanted to make and I knew I wanted it to have lots of texture but wasn't exactly sure what that meant. I also wanted to make a woven clothing item that wasn't so, uhm stiff...I guess that's what comes to mind when I think of woven clothes. So I read about woven warp shibori and upon consultation with my instructor decided that this technique would be best for the look I wanted.

I ended up with something delicate and feminine looking with a vintage feel. I am pleased. This is really meant for special occasion wearing only. It feels luxurious and makes the wearer feel special. Now, will I make more? Uhmm...this was really a challenging project. Right from the dressing of the loom to the actual finishing so...maybe I would make more but it would definitely have to be a special order item. I would like to see this in another colour so I may make another one using a different material (say actual silk) and dye it. For now, this creamy one will do and will be at the student sale (this Thursday). I'm thinking it actually might be great for a bride to be.
Anyway below is a little play by play of the actual making of the capelette.

Phew... so relieved that's all finished. My next few projects I'll be working with the concept of light and dark, good and evil, black and white...the yin and yang of sorts.


Monday, November 9, 2009

The last little while has been crazy busy. I've been weaving, silk screening, dyeing, etc for projects but also to get ready for our student sale we're having next Thursday (check out our student sale blog with behind the scenes action).

I will be selling some of my work there--that includes some knitted goodies, some nuno felted stuff I'm working on and some woven goodies too. This capelette will also be it is in progress. I've woven it and am in the process of finishing. The closure will be a bit different, it won't be the button you see here but a silk ribbon tie instead (it also won't have fringing inthe front). The texture you see on the fabric is what I was talking about in past posts about having a monofiliment supplementary warp (which essentially just means a second warp on top of my regular one). The whole thing gets boiled so that the texture stays in the fabric.

Here are some pics of things in progress...oh and of our silk moths! Some of them have made an appearance, check it out, aren't they cuties!!