Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've been working away on school projects and just finished up another one. I call it my "bib" series. A series of 3 neck pieces made from some unusual materials.

The first is made from paper. Hanji paper to be exact. I've felted the paper, sewed it and added some copper.

The second is made from soy silk fibre. I used a process called silk fusion to make this piece and then beaded little seed beads on it. I am sad about this one because I lost it. I think I dropped it walking from my car to my apartment. I think it slid off the hanger and I didn't notice until about an hour later that I didn't have it. Sigh. Luckily I have pictures!

The third is stiff and made from a material called kozo which is the inner bark of the mulberry tree. I shaped it, crocheted on it, dyed it, aged it with verdigris patina and then added some seed beads to it. This one took the longest.

I really enjoyed making this series. As many of you know I am a big fan of neck pieces. I make and wear them a lot so when I was introduced to these materials, I couldn't resist.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Somehow the days just keep passing me by and I run out of time to post on my lil ole bloggy blog...bah. My apologies. I'm up to my eye balls in school work, along with trying to find a part-time job to ease some of my financial woes at the moment.

Enough about that, here is some pics:

This is a dress that I worked on last term for my surface design class. I made this from scratch...I started with merino fleece and some silk chiffon. I dyed, nuno felted, machine embroidered, silk screened, shibori-ed, hand stitched pearls and I also designed the dress and hand sewed that as well. It's very wearable and feels amazing on. I want to make more of these for sure!

Anyway I'm in the midst of taking pics of my work for my portfolio so you'll see some of those pics here.

Thanks for visiting lovely readers....I'm working on some pretty exciting projects at the moment including a jacquard weaving of this pic:

I can't remember if I took this pic or if one of my bffs did...I think it was my bff AS--if so, thanks love--you'll see it as a weaving very soon :)

and a series of jewelry bibs, one of which is made from paper!