Sunday, November 21, 2010

circle craft

I completed my last shift at Circle Craft was so busy and awesome. I took some pics...not the best but it gives you an idea of the amount of space Circle Craft gave Capilano Uni textile program this year--it was amazing! We have mostly had a small booth but this time Circle Craft reserved the middle of the market for student work from local schools, ours being at the front. They are such great supporters of craft and student work.

above a pic of Sasha's indigo quilt...she dyed and printed with indigo...kind of a big deal...the prep work alone for this quilt was crazy...and check out the size!

Julie's woven pulled warp series. So pretty. Julie does some lovely and tres complicated work.
This one maybe a little hard to see but it's individual balls of lint! Stacey collected lint over a period of time from her own dryer and kept track of the date (that's what those little white tags are). When she presented this project to the class, she had projected a video on it of her taking laundry out of the washer and placing it into the dryer...over and over again. Brilliant!

I'm off to do some work.

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