Friday, November 19, 2010


this is really tickling my brainy brain...Erin over at Design for Mankind posted about a carpet made of disposable forks designed to mimic traditional Persian designs...I went to the We Make Carpets blog and was amazed at other ones they have this one made out of coffee! And the mustard seed carpet. Love it!
I'm over at Circle Craft again today and tomorrow. Hope you'll swing by the Capilano University display. The design team over at Cap did an amazing job displaying student and alumni work in such a lovely and thoughtful way.

So we got a bit of snow yesterday here in Vancouver...of course it was so wet that it melted as it hit the ground. The best part for me was watching people downtown flip out over snow--there were so many smiles. Being from Ontario, snow doesn't excite me (it's the exact opposite) but it made me smile watching how happy it made people here.

Also a reminder that I will be at the student sale over at Capilano University on Tuesday. I have some wishing stone necklaces, cowls, cards and hopefully a long woven scarf or two but that depends on how much time I get in the studio over the next couple of days.

be well.


  1. i am from ontario and still smile when it snows except perhaps when it snows in april or may

  2. i have to admit, we got more snow on Friday night and I smiled...a little ;)